Who’s Michela?

Messina, ’95.

Nasco proprio qui, nella soleggiata cittadina che affaccia sullo Stretto. Sono una ragazza determinata, intraprendente, solare, e sono fidanzata oramai da qualche anno con un meraviglioso ragazzo di nome Emanuele. La moda, la musica, i viaggi, lo sport sono la mia passione. Ah, quasi dimenticavo… il cibo! Beh, avrei tanto da raccontarvi su di me, ma lascio a voi la curiosità di scoprire “Who’s Michela” leggendo le pagine di questo mio blog.

Messina, ’95

I was born here, in the sunny city which opens onto the channel. I’m a determined, enterprising, solar girl and I’ve been engaged for years to a wonderful boy called Emanuele. Fashion, music, travels, sports are my passions. Oh, I almost forgot… the food! Well, I would have a lot to tell about me, but I leave you curious to find out “Who’s Michela”, reading the pages of my blog. 


7 thoughts on “Who’s Michela?

  1. I love your style! I have a few questions how did you got the image above and your instagram widget. I doesn’t work at my blog, really sad about it. Hope to hear from you. xoxo Whit (you commented on my instagram picture 🙂 )

      • Thanks, yes I’ve tried several times for the instagram widget, hope it will work someday. I like your style, Italian and English. I’m writing in Dutch but maybe I should start translating on my articles also.

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